Currently in development
Art Direction: Tracey Greene, Steven Martinec, Cody O'Bryant
UX/UI: Cody O'Bryant
Digital Artisans recently went through a site redesign and needed new ways to flex off their array of  services and create engaging case studies.


Digital Artisans provides a lot of services to a wide variety of clients, no client is the same. With this really broad range of services, Digital Artisans needed a way to highlight what they do for each of their clients. During this update of their work and how they display what they do, they also neede a new design for their case studies and needed a strong diversity of content blocks to make each case study unique and create an engaging story and viewing experience for users.


To help show off their services and what they do for their clients, a hover state/click state was designed and added to their existing client cards. 

For the case studies, multiple content blocks were designed to give Digital Artisans flexibility to fit different types of content and and images to show off their unique problem solving solutions.

Our services highlight

On hover (or tap on mobile) the client's logo card will change to show off what Digital Artisans helped, or continues to help with.


New featured work section

With the creation of the new case study template & content blocks, a new listing section was added to the Our Work page to highlight the case studies and help navigate user's to the case study detail page.

Case study template & content blocks

The new blocks were designed to provide flexbility between studies to keep them fresh and unique from each other. The blocks were focused on providing a balance between text and images to avoid walls of text and always provide the user with breaks in between sections of copy.

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