UX/UI, Art Direction, Brand Identity, Motion Design: Cody O'Bryant
Online dating apps can be tricky sometimes, anyone can create a fake profile or take certain pictures from angles that make for misleading profiles and potentially trick people (catfishing). Through this app users will be able to experience a form of speed dating where once they start they will be given matches based off their selected preferences and then if both users swipe right a video chat will begin.


Create a dating app that users can create a meaningful connection with someone and feel that they can move forward and gettinga better sense of who they are talking with and potentially meeting, especially to avoid catfishes. With this in mind, I created the dating app face2face which combines video chat and speed dating in order to help users to meet multiple people in one session, establish connections and get a real sense of what the person is like behind the screen, not hidden by text. 


Introduce users via video chat, not just a profile card. With this ,users can get a better idea of what the other user is actually like. To get users to see as many people as they desire in a timely fashion, the concept of speed dating was introduced. This way, users can meet multiple people in a short amount of time, and then if there is a match, they have 7 days to talk to each other before the chat is frozen.

Key features

Messaging after the

After the user gets a match they can chat with them in the app for up to 14 days. If they're having trouble starting that initial conversation, Carmichael helps provide some nice icebreakers
to try.


14 day chat limit

Giving the users only 14 days to chat in the app after their initial video call helps push them to speed up that talking process and eliminate the beating around the bush phase.

Recent session review

After a dating session users will be able to access their recent session results, via the home screen or the navigation bar. This screen allows users to review the stats from their latest session (how many dates, how many likes, matches, time duration, etc) and also allows them to send messages to other user's that they matched with.


The video call

The key feature of the app, getting to have a direct video call with a potential match is what sets this app apart, here user's can see who they're really talking too and avoid catfishes and smooth text-only talkers.

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